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Since a lot of folks are coming to the blog for the very first time, I thought I’d write up a welcome post. I’m Tara, aka the scary doll person. This blog will focus mainly on 1:6 scale (aka 12″) vinyl collector dolls and action figures, and 1:6 scale dioramas and miniatures. I’m not so […]

Taking the Fear Out of Restyling & Redressing

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Rebodying, arm-swapping, boil perms, boil-straightening, haircuts, dye-jobs, rerooting, enhanced facial screening, partial repaints, and complete face-ups—I admit, I’ve done it all. I’m confident about some of these (I can’t remember the last time I snapped a neck bolt), have a steep learning curve with others (my first Hasbro Jem face-up was laughably terrible) and scared […]